NASA’s robots will both take a look at Titan or examine a comet


The 1st mission, named CAESAR, or Comet Astrobiology Exploration Sample Return intends to send a spacecraft back again to 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This is the exact same comet that the ESA spacecraft Rosetta explored. This mission would focus on returning a sample of the comet to Earth. A further sample mission, OSIRIS-REx, introduced previously this calendar year and is destined for the asteroid Bennu.

The second mission, Dragonfly, is a quadcopter that would take a look at the Saturn’s moon, Titan. Cassini observed all forms of interesting features on the ocean earth of Titan, from flooded canyons to a molecule that could foster lifetime. This mission would exclusively be made to examine the habitability of distinctive areas of the moon.

There are three previous New Frontiers missions. One is New Horizons, which visited Pluto and is on its way to take a look at the Kuiper Belt. You will find also Juno, which is currently in an elongated orbit of Jupiter, as well as the afore-talked about OSIRIS-REx. Whichever of the two is picked will be the fourth New Frontiers mission. Equally missions will receive funding for one more calendar year develop their ideas.


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