Gamers Stage Yearly Battle for the North Pole


For the past three several years, “Oriskany,” the historic wargames editor on the gaming web-site, Beasts of War, has posted a wargame fight report detailing an assault on Santa’s North Pole workshop by some foe decided to make a bloody mess out of Xmas. Oriskany is acknowledged for his extremely comprehensive, elaborate fight studies, and his Xmas Carnage studies are no diverse. Below, he sets up this year’s North Pole rumble:

…We have to interrupt your on a regular basis-scheduled Beast of War information for an emergency flash bulletin – SANTA’S WORKSHOP AT THE NORTH POLE IS Less than Assault! We repeat, SANTA’S WORKSHOP AT THE NORTH POLE IS Less than Assault!

As of this hour, we are reliably educated that that the brave and elite North Pole Protection Drive (NPDF – a really-educated militia to protect the heat needs and fantastic cheer of Santa and his wintertime village throughout the holiday period) has been mobilized to meet the incursion.

What is considerably less crystal clear is the exact mother nature of this latest risk. Of course the NPDF has stood off three prior assaults on the North Pole, which to start with arrived beneath assault by a rogue activity force of 1930s-period Soviet armor, then a tank-helicopter battlegroup of 1985 Group Yankee Soviets, and last but not least an hypertech assault force of Clan Ghost Bear ‘mechs from the sci-fi vintage BattleTech universe.

Go through the total report to see who prevails and if Xmas is saved. The report also consists of links to the three prior years’ studies.


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